Is your subscriber data difficult to manage, making it a challenge to execute decisions quickly? Do you struggle to communicate with your subscribers at the right time, missing the window-of-opportunity to grow your revenues?

You are not alone.


In an attempt to drive growth, we consistently see businesses sifting through data manually, trying to make sense of analytics and reports or spending lots of time, money and effort on data projects, with minimal results. This current way of working is stalling momentum, keeping businesses like yours stuck. Leaving you unable to unlock your data and deliver action across your subscriber touchpoints to drive change.

We know exactly how you feel.  We have worked in these environments too.


Subscriber data often lives in many different places such as data lakes, CRMs or Business Intelligence tools. This data is siloed and disconnected, not just from each other, but also from the data living in many tools used for customer engagement such as marketing automation, social interactions or customer service. We see these as two distinct layers – the ‘Data layer’ and ‘Touch Layer’ – that rarely connect to each other. Or part of it does, and the other part doesn’t.

Subscription businesses are under huge pressure to drive sustainable growth by making sense of these two layers. Doing this manually makes it difficult to make strategic decisions and determine what actions to take. This is the Air Gap. It is stopping you from finding and executing the perfect growth strategy and many subscription businesses have been stuck working this way for years.


We can help you transform your ‘Air Gap’ into an activation layer, where subscriber intelligence can drive sustainable growth in real-time.

Our Singula® Subscriber Intelligence Platform creates significant business value between your subscriber data and subscriber touch by helping you to understand:

  • Where your subscribers are right now
  • How they got there and where they are going (supply & demand)
  • What needs to happen to change their behaviour

Singula Decisions can turn your subscriber data into something so tangible that it will transform the way you engage with your subscribers.


If you can identify with the Air Gap and want to make a step-change to how you are currently working, then let’s start talking. We will show you a demo and you’ll get the benefit of our domain experience from the outset.