Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic throughout 2018 with more and more companies expected invest more time and money into AI in 2019. With Christmas just around the corner, there are many AI related gifts to give this year. Here are a few of the top ones we’ve found on the market.

Amazon Echo

For those who love smart devices, a smart speaker is a must-have gadget. The Amazon Echo is voice-activated and uses Artificial Intelligence to communicate with users, solve problems and get smarter over time. You can use your Echo to play music, ask questions, connect to other smart home devices and much more. With various models available, this gift will suit all budgets.

R.R.P starts from £49.99, but keep an eye out for Amazon sales!

AI Smart Phone

The Huawei P20 Pro is a smartphone that uses artificial intelligence and has an AI powered camera. It uses AI to maximise battery efficiency, give superior speed and sound detection to auto adjust levels to give optimal listening experience. The camera uses AI to stabilise images, capture exceptional detail, understand the subject of photos and real-time as well as auto adjusting camera setting to capture the perfect shot. The functions are endless, and a must-have smartphone for techies.

Buy here for £629.00


If you’re feeling extra generous, there are a range of AI TVs available including the LG OLED AI TV. Using natural language processing technology, it listens to your voice, answers requests and could change the way you watch TV. The perfect picture quality combined with AI presents a new level of TV viewing experience.

Buy a 55inch LG OLED AI TV here for £1299.00

Gift Finder

Still stuck? Why not use AI to find the perfect gift? Token asks users to input information about a gift recipient, from their relationship with gift-giver, occasion and budget to personality traits and more. It uses AI and machine learning to sort through and narrow down products from over 1000 brands and retail partners to a few the shopper can choose from. Try it out here, and happy shopping!

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