As a consumer, it’s frustrating when something goes wrong with your TV service. If you sit down to watch your favourite show and the picture suddenly goes blank, you want it fixed right there and then. Instead, you have to reach out to your provider via phone, web chat, wait in queues and the frustration grows even more. What if instead, when your TV service goes down, almost instantly you receive a text message:

“Hello, we are sorry your service is not working, we are having some technical difficulties. We are working to get this fixed as soon as possible, but why not switch to another device instead to continue watching. We will let you know when the problem is fixed.”

Despite being annoyed the service isn’t working in the first place, a proactive approach like this from operators will give their customers an ease of mind, and no need to reach out or complain. This could be the difference between a consumer choosing to cancel or stay and can completely change the view they have of their provider. Therefore, a proactive approach to quality of service issues goes beyond just monitoring infrastructure; it is a key aspect of maintaining and improving customer experience, and our recent research shows it’s a main focus for European service providers. But how are they coping so far?

OTT providers more advanced than Telcos

Standalone online video platforms are often ahead in their thinking about QoS, with one of the OTT providers we interviewed going as far as building their own Content Delivery Network to ensure the best possible QoS for their customers. Telcos may have good quality of service data for their own networks but they appear to struggle to integrate this with a view of the customer to better understand any challenges they may having with the video service.

The Singula Decisions and Verimatrix Solution

At Singula Decisions, we understand the importance of delivering this kind of proactive, positive experience for customers and have integrated with Verimatrix to help. Our new product Singula® Subscriber Intelligence is a standalone platform that empowers TV provides to utilise subscriber insights and artificial intelligence to determine next best action. The partnership with Verimatrix extends the platform’s single customer view to include real-time updates on quality of service so operators can pre-emptively reach out to subscribers who are facing issues.

Not only will the partnership help operators gain a full view of QoE issues and take pre-emptive action on problem they will also be able to access and analyse more consumption data. The partnership is about providing the best possible customer experience and building subscriber loyalty. Whether that is dealing with a billing issue or addressing buffering issue before the customer even has a chance to get in touch with the service provider, we can help.

Discover how we can help you

If you’re a pay-TV or OTT operator looking to change your approach in managing contact engagement with customers having QoS issues, get in touch here.

For more information about our new research and to find out about how operators are using data to improve overall customer experience, download our paper.

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