Data Talent Scotland is less than a week away, and we are getting ready to showcase what Singula Decisions has to offer to data graduates, like you, in Scotland. We know that the event will bring together some of the best upcoming talent, and we’re here to discuss career opportunities that will turn your knowledge into innovative technology for the TV market. So, forget about ‘Netflix and Chill’… we are all about learning ‘New Trix and Thrill’ as we help TV brands around the world use data and AI to create amazing experiences for their customers.

A little about us…

Singula Decisions is a fast growing tech company in Fife, that specialises in providing solutions for TV brands like ITV, BT Sport and NBCUniversal. The world of TV has changed a lot and we are all now enjoying tailored experiences, personalised content and TV on the go with services like Netflix. Continuous innovation, advances in artificial intelligence and data insight are changing the way brands bring the entertainment you love to you, wherever you are and whenever you choose.

Singula Decisions are helping TV brands to use new technologies in a new way. Our award-winning platform, Singula® Subscriber Intelligence, uses AI, real-time insights and machine learning so TV brands can take an intelligent, data-driven approach to gaining a deeper understanding of their customers. We do this by also working with amazing partners like Microsoft and the world-renowned data science centre of excellence at Edinburgh University – all so we can continue to develop technology that uses data to provide cutting edge features and functionality.

As you can see, these are particularly exciting times for us at Singula Decisions. We are always on the lookout for new talent to bring ideas, challenge our own status quo and to help us drive our business forward. That being said… we have a role available now.

Graduate Data Engineers – we want you!

Does working in the world of TV and AI software sound like what you’re looking for? We have a Graduate Data Engineer role available now. So, if you have statistical modeling skills and you’re at Data Talent in Glasgow on Tuesday 19th March – come and see Kim and Helen at the Singula Decisions stand. We would love to meet you!

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