NAB is back with a bang! Everyone is buzzing after a long couple of years away. It’s time to show off all the latest kit everyone has built during the pandemic. What awesome progress everyone has made both individually and collectively. It’s clear our industry is at the forefront of tech innovation.

When I take time to reflect, I can see there’s a tech first agenda here however. As an operator there’s seemingly endless tech options which can be packaged together to build an end-to-end solution. What happens next however? Who is it all for? What are content owners doing to ensure customers are brought along on this journey. It feels like the customer is an after-thought. There’s a lack of customer centric or even customer-first thinking.

Netflix latest results will spook operators. If Netflix can’t hit their subscriber numbers, where does that leave the rest of us? As acquisition opportunities dry up post-pandemic, operators will inevitably look to their retention strategies to hit their subscriber targets. Tech alone won’t fix this issue. Operators should be building customer centric solutions around a subscriber growth strategy. True customer centricity should start with the customer at the heart of the strategy. Build the tech around the customer.

At the Streaming Summit with Dan Rayburn earlier this morning, Dan spoke about operators “playing checkers instead of chess” in relation to the strategies being devised to retain subscribers. I couldn’t agree more. Stop thinking about your actions as individual moves. If you truly want to move the needle, you need to devise a framework, a strategy, with the customer at the heart of it all.

Where are Singula Decisions in all this: We are the customer champions. We offer Customer Centric Solutions focussed on a customer-first strategy. If you want to build a subscriber growth strategy, speak to us. Yes, we have technology. We have an award winning enterprise level CRM, Subscription and Billing platform which has been built for broadcast and has helped over 100 broadcast operators over the past 25 years. But we are more than our tech. We are the customer champions. We work with operators to devise customer centric, customer focussed, customer-first solutions which will drive subscriber growth for the long-term.

The message from NAB is clear. Our industry has truly amazing tech. Operators are building tech platforms, focussing on systems integrations. The Singula Decisions message is clear. Let’s stop talking tech and start talking tactics. With tech alone, operators are struggling to find and execute subscriber growth strategies to acquire and retain loyal customers.

If you want to find out more about our new subscriber growth consultancy services, focussed on the customer, come talk to me. I’ll be hanging out in the West Hall. Let’s talk chess, not checkers.