It’s no secret that OTT brands aren’t famous for having pristine customer service, but why do they create such negative feelings where subscriber interactions are concerned? What can we learn by exploring the psychology of tech-related brands?

The Two Inner Qualities

Human beings come into the world with two inner qualities – the ‘masculine’ and the ‘feminine’. These qualities have nothing to do with gender and are simply two contrasting energies that constantly seek balance – our ‘yin’ and ‘yang’. The masculine energy is forward energy and is about doing, acting, moving and creating. The feminine is receptive energy and is about receiving, protecting, nurturing, caring, supporting and listening.

What OTT Brands are Missing

To have a strong, committed relationship, these qualities have to be in balance, and when there is too much in either direction, this is when problems start. The issue for OTT subscription services is that tech brands are known for their ‘masculine’ energy. They are ‘do-ers’, changing the world and innovating but are also forward to the point of being intrusive, and not known for the ability to listen or nurture.

In our recent ‘Psychology of a Subscriber’ study, we explored how tech brands were the worst culprits for triggering customers into frustration and rage due to poor customer service. OTT brands are in this tech world, and it’s is ripe for more feminine energy, but these brands are yet to understand that long-term relationships cannot be defined purely by transactions.  This was highlighted during COVID-19 when masculine-dominant brands took advantage of the situation to make money, whereas feminine-dominant brands listened and put customers first by offering discounts, money-back cheques and grace periods on debt repayments.

Content and technical innovations aren’t enough for subscribers, and interpersonal relationships only become meaningful or long-lasting when the emotional needs of a customer are understood. What OTT subscribers are really looking for, is a brand that are fully there for them throughout each touch point, and not just when it’s convenient for the brand.

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