Last week, Paywizard relaunched as Singula Decisions. Our rebrand is more than just a name change. We’ve been talking about it for years, but now it’s time for us to put a sharper focus on subscriber intelligence. Our goal is to empower subscription businesses to deliver sustainable subscriber growth through Brilliant Decisions and Intelligent Actions.

We See the World Differently

Through our 20+ years of experience managing 30+ million subscribers for leading TV subscription businesses; we have a depth of knowledge to support the identification of the fundamentals that sustain subscriber growth. We see a hidden energy, a tension, a flow, a pulse between the way your service is delivered and the way that your subscriber reacts. Understanding the relationship between each and every subscriber and revealing their subscription DNA will let them shine as individuals. But there’s a problem.

The Air Gap

Currently, there is a gap between subscriber data and subscriber touch. Many businesses are sifting through data manually, trying to make sense of analytics and struggling to execute decisions quickly. The current way of working is making you unable to unlock your data and deliver action across your subscriber touch points to drive change. We call this the Air Gap.

Introducing The Activation Layer

Through a combination of subscriber intelligence and proven domain experience, we can transform your air gap into an activation layer. Our Singula® Subscriber Intelligence Platform uses our proven customer journey methodology; a pragmatic approach to data science and engineering; and has real-world testing of next best action to fill this void and help you find and execute the best growth model for your subscription business.

Discover Singula Decisions

Explore our new website to discover more about Singula Decisions or contact us today to see how Singula® Subscriber Intelligence can transform your business.