• New Singula Decisions identity replaces established Paywizard brand, building on its long heritage in the pay-TV industry
    • Relaunch positions company to empower subscription businesses to tap into subscriber intelligence
    • Singula® Subscriber Intelligence bridges the ‘Air Gap’ between subscriber data and being able to use it effectively to proactively engage customers

London, 28 April 2020 – Pay-TV customer management pioneer Paywizard has relaunched as Singula Decisions to signal its sharper focus on subscriber intelligence. The new corporate brand reflects the company’s trailblazing approach, technology and expertise, which empower TV subscription businesses to bridge the ‘Air Gap’ between their subscriber data and their ability to activate next best actions at every customer touchpoint. The rebrand coincides with the launch of a new version of its Singula® Subscriber Intelligence platform.

“As TV subscription businesses continue to come under increasing pressure to grow and retain customers, finding and executing the perfect growth strategy has become critical to survival,” says Bhavesh Vaghela, Singula Decisions’ Chief Executive. “There is no shortage of money being spent on data projects in our industry, but many companies are failing to truly understand how to activate data to drive subscriber loyalty. To solve this ‘Air Gap’, businesses today need subscriber intelligence to know where their customers are in the journey, how they got there and where they are going – and what actions change their behaviour.”

The rebranded company’s Singula® Subscriber Intelligence platform combines over 20+ years domain experience into three fundamental components that are designed to drive subscription growth. Employing the proven Decision Moments segmentation model, businesses can understand where their subscribers are at the eight key stages of the customer journey. The Subscription Scorecard then determines the true characteristics of each customer and ensures the content, service and communications being supplied equates the with demand-driven factors that include usage, satisfaction and willingness to pay. With this trajectory, the Action Library provides pre-loaded and tested actions that businesses can use quickly to react and change customer behaviour.

“One of the amazing things about Singula Decisions is we have two decades of practical experience helping some of the biggest TV subscription brands worldwide, including BT Sport, ABS-CBN and eir Sports to acquire, retain and grow subscribers,” Vaghela notes. “The ethos of Singula Decisions is simple: we combine our team’s extensive domain knowledge and practical experience with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, turning subscriber data into something so tangible that it will transform the way TV operators engage with their subscribers.”

In addition to having Vaghela at the helm of the company – with over 20 years’ experience in software and data analytics, holding top marketing roles at Paywizard, Oracle, IntraLinks and Global360 – the Singula Decisions leadership team includes other experienced industry executives with strong backgrounds. The senior leadership includes:

      • Chairman Andrew Burke, a long-time industry leader who has spent over 30 years working in technology, media and telecommunications, including stints as CEO of BT Entertainment and Amino Technologies;
      • Debbie Leishman, Chief Operating Officer, who has over 18 years’ experience managing a broad range of operations within the Singula Decisions business;
      • Martin Reynard, Chief Financial Officer, who has 20 years’ experience in Software as a Service (SaaS) and communications, holding senior positions at TravelTek, Edesix and Touch Bionics;
      • Scott Leckie, Chief Technology Officer, who has expertise in cloud and SaaS solutions and over 20 years CTO experience, holding that position at The ID Co, HotDocs and Axios Systems;
      • Gary Eunson, Head of Global Sales, who brings over 20 years’ experience and whose previous roles included Global Sales Director of both AbacusNext International and HotDocs Group.

Vaghela concludes: “Our company has evolved as the TV market landscape has transformed and we thought it important that our identity reflect what we bring to the table today. Singula Decisions is relentlessly passionate about driving subscriber growth through brilliant decisions and intelligent actions.”