It’s the final day of IBC 2019 already, and we must admit that the Singula Decisions teams’ feet are hurting a little. For the last 4 days, we have enjoyed showcasing Singula® Subscriber Intelligence, our AI-driven platform on the Microsoft booth in Hall 1 and taking part in the 4K 4Charity Fun Run. Although we have been so busy, we have kept an eye on all the gossip at the show – so here are a couple of the top stories from IBC2019 so far:

BT broadcasts live in 8K

During a private, invitation-only event, BT demonstrated one of the highest specification sports broadcasts ever live at IBC. The broadcast, of an English Premier Lead match between Newcastle United and Liverpool was delivered in collaboration between BT Sport and BT’s Media & Broadcast division, which was attended by football legend Robin van Persie.

Regulation required for the FAANGs

At Friday afternoons keynote session ‘Can public broadcasters stay relevant’, the panelists discussed the increasing need for regulators to respond faster to viewer behaviour and the rise of the giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google. Noel Curran, Director General of the European Broadcasting Union said “Why is there no regulation in terms of data? Right now we have an unregulated social media sector, dominated by four or five companies that have an unprecedented amount of control.”

TV could become ‘the centre of smart home’

Speaking at the IBC conference, Shalini Govil-Pai, Senior Director at Android TV expressed her view that TV could become the device at the centre of the smart home. Natural language processing will increase control and usage of the TV in the future, which could have a wide appeal to an older demographic whom struggle to use current controls and tools.

Andy Serkis wins International Honour for Excellence

At the IBC2019 Award’s ceremony; the talented director, producer and actor, Andy Serkis received IBC’s biggest trophy the international Honour for Excellence. In an on-screen tribute, actor Woody Harrelson said “Andy is one of the most gifted actors I have ever encountered. It blows my mind just to see how much he can convey just with his eyes.” Congratulations Andy!

Still at IBC?

We recommend taking a walk up to The Future Zone to check out NHK’s new 8K TV and AR experiences, along with the very cool Spherical Drone display created by NTT Docomo.

Last to chance to catch up with Singula Decisions

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