How do your challenges compare to European Operators? Earlier this year, we released research which showed the top negative interactions customers had with their pay-TV and OTT services as well as how they felt overall about the service they received. To see the flip side, we interviewed C-level executives from European TV organisations to see how they are using data insight and analytics to improve communications, and one thing was clear. Operators are failing to provide the positive customer experience consumers want, and everyone agrees that analytics is required to understand the customer journey and improve marketing and communication efforts.

Are consumers happy with your service?

When looking at each touch point with customers, the top 3 negative interactions were billing issues, cancelling and contacting customer service. Surprisingly, when asking operators where they are using data and analytics at the moment, these areas do not seem to be a top priority – instead, they seem to be focusing more on acquisition and viewing data.

Churn Reduction/Winning Back Lost Subscribers

Overall, service providers believe reducing churn and winning back customers is the weakest part of their current analytics capability. They also uniformly think that the application of analytics to this stage of the journey would have one of the most positive impact on business. With 16% of UK consumers having a negative interaction at this stage, it’s important more is invested in ensuring this is a positive experience. Being proactive by using tools to detect subscriber behaviour will mean when a consumer is looking to cancel, you can respond with retention measures, and even reach them before they try to cancel. Understanding that some subscribers will leave and making this as simple as possible will also mean they will be more likely to return at a later date, making win-back more successful also.

Billing Accuracy

Money, money, money… one of the most precious things to customers. But that isn’t stopping operators providing incorrect bills, with 26% of customer who had a negative interaction with their TV service provider having a billing issue. It was surprising that there appears to be little progress in applying analytics to detect and help rectify these problems. Employing statistical checks to ensure customers are being charged correctly is fundamental, as consumers will begin to lose trust with a service when being incorrectly billed.

The key to success

It’s important to break down the customer journey into the key touch points to be successful and use data analytics to improve the overall experience at each stage. The process should be focused on gaining actionable insight across the customer journey, improving the service received by customers which in turn will grow loyalty, increase reputation and revenues.

Discover the Full Journey

Download our research and see how customers are using data across the full customer journey and what they plan on doing in the future.

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