When it comes to using data and analytics, there is a huge gap between where TV operators are and where they want to be. Our recent research shows that pay-TV and OTT providers are struggling to use data analytics to improve customer experience and competition is growing between service providers. Here at Singula Decisions, we understand the complications of having data in multiple places and we know it is crucial to bring everything together to help improve the overall experience customers have when using a TV service. That’s why we launched Singula® Subscriber Intelligence, our innovative standalone platform that empowers operators to take a more intelligent, data-driven approach to engage subscribers.

What makes Singula® Subscriber Intelligence Special?

Using real-time subscriber insights and AI, pay-TV and OTT providers can take an intelligent, data-driven approach with Singula® Subscriber Intelligence to acquire new subscribers, grow more revenue and effectively reduce churn. It can be used alongside any CRM and billing platform to advance analytic capabilities and gain that competitive edge operators need to stand out. But how does Singula Subscriber Intelligence work?

Step 1: Understand Subscribers

In our new research, all providers interviewed strongly agree that analytics is required to really understand the customer journey and therefore improve their marketing and communications. There is a wide variation in the degree to which analytics solutions have been implemented as well as a variation in the type and sophistication of those systems. Singula® Subscriber Intelligence does the hard work for you, and creates a single customer view for accurate profiling, segmentation and modelling across the full customer journey – from find, join, consume and bill to upgrade, downgrade, leave and win back.

Step 2: Determine Next Best Action

It’s important when generating insights and ensure these are actionable. They must inform decisions and activities that improve customer experience. Our solution uses advanced predictive modelling to determine the next best action for each and every one of your customers. Based on profiles and behavioural metrics, the system figures out the best step to take and has built in models to carry out the action for you, making it easy for operators.

Step 3: Execute and Feedback

With the platform, users can automate targeted communications and marketing campaigns via app, social, SMS, email, UI and more. It then uses machine learning to improve performance long-term. One broadcaster commented in our research, “When mistakes are made, there is a tendency to stop the process rather than recognising that mistakes are part of finding the solution.” We believe there is always room for improvement, and our product is built to continuously learn and make adjustments based on real results from customers.

Bringing Everything Together

Our research revealed that most service providers work with multiple analytics systems from several different vendors and the integration of data from multiple places is a common challenge. Singula® Subscriber Intelligence was designed to draw in all available customer data in one place, from content consumption and billing to CRM and marketing tools, so operators of all types can gain a full view of each subscriber at the key stages of the customer journey. It creates a Single Customer View of each subscriber as well as target groups within your base to determine the next best action for users who match specific criteria’s, from billing issues to propensity to churn.

Find out more about Singula Subscriber Intelligence here and download our research to find out about how European service providers are using data analytics.

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